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    Supplied excavator from 1.8 tone to 20 tone

    Excavator 20 Tone

    • Hight 3040mm
    • Width 3090mm
    • Length 9495mm
    • Max digging depth 6580mm
    • Max digging Hight 9610mm
    • Max digging Reach 9875mm

    Excavator 12 Tone

    • Hight 2720mm
    • Width 2490mm
    • Length 7595mm
    • Max digging depth 5540mm
    • Max digging Hight 8610mm
    • Max digging Reach 8290mm

    Excavator 5 Tone

    • Hight 2590mm
    • Width 1961mm
    • Length 5615mm
    • Max digging depth 4160mm
    • Max digging Hight 6300mm
    • Max digging Reach 6435mm

    Excavator 3.5 Tone

    • Hight 2520mm
    • Width 1630mm
    • Length 5020mm
    • Max digging depth 3400mm
    • Max digging Hight 4840mm
    • Max digging Reach 5240mm

    Excavator 1.8 Tone

    • Hight 2410mm
    • Width 1280mm
    • Length 3650mm
    • Max digging depth 2310mm
    • Max digging Hight 3690mm
    • Max digging Reach 3935mm

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