Today I will introduce the New Zealand site safety regulations, site safety accidents do not always happen, once the occurrence is life-threatening, please read carefully, safety first!!You only have one life to live. Take care!

When entering your site in New Zealand, you will have to wear Protective Equipment, PPE Personal Protective Equipment, including hard hats, eye patches, gloves, Protective clothing and safety boots.

When there are large trucks and excavators on the site, you need to pay special attention to maintain a distance, do not stand in their blind area

The blind area of the truck is directly behind the vehicle. Please avoid approaching the red area in the figure

The blind area of the roller is directly behind him. Please avoid the red area

he blind area of the excavator will be larger, please avoid approaching, as shown in the red area

Please note that there must be 3 support points for loading and unloading trucks or excavators


Because the construction site is very noisy, if there is an emergency need to stop the work of the excavator, what should we do?

1. There is an emergency brake button on the excavator, press it and the excavator will stop

2. Throw something into the digger’s bucket and the driver will stop working

Accidents don’t always happen on the job site. Once they happen, they are life threatening.