Today I will  introduce how to use QEM WeChat Online auto quote system, and how to make an order.

First open the WeChat scan QR code to add QEM WeChat official number

Introduction to the automatic reply menu, a total of six items, directly enter the number can pop up the corresponding content.

If you can’t find the menu list, you can click the QEM button at the bottom and click Guidance, and all the auto-reply menu lists will reappear.

(Auto reply menu list)

1. Pirce check
2. Type Introduction
3. Special Offer
4. How to order
5. Customer Service
6. Equipment Hire

How to check the price? Actually very simple!!!

Reply with the post code of your site, so we can estimate the price. Eg. the site addreess is 7 Bullens Rd Papakura 2582, reply 2582.

If I don’t know the post code of the construction site?

Never mind you can query directly in our public number!!!Click the Price button at the bottom of the official account, click the Post Code Finder, enter your address, and click the red Search to get your Post Code


We’ve got the price but what does T3, G7 really mean?

You can enter 2 to query the introduction of detailed Type, you can view the past review, the first phase and the second phase of the detailed introduction

How to order?

You can call our customer service at 021 505 168, or scan the code plus customer service WeChat order