Today I will introduce to you about the general digger information for residential work.

12T-14T Digger




Max digging depth:6m

Max drilling depth:8.5m

Max drilling width:900mm

Features: full tonnage, big dipper, fast opening speed, fast loading soil, can be broken small stones and cement blocks for the new ground to open the ground, the old ground renovation, demolition of the old house.

Cons: bulky, requires a large enough field to deploy, requires a flatbed trailer to transport.

4T-6T Digger




Max digging depth:4m

Max drilling depth:4.5m

Max drilling width:600mm

Features: small size and flexible, suitable for backfilling, foundation excavation, drilling holes, yard clearance, driveway

Disadvantages: small bucket, long arm, slow loading, need to use a flatbed trailer or six-wheel truck transport

1.8T Digger




Max digging depth:2m (Max)

Max drilling depth:2m (Max)

Max drilling width:600mm (Max)

Features: suitable for garden, with access to a particularly narrow area for digging, reducing manpower and convenient transportation.

Disadvantages: long arms are too short for loading


Accessories for Excavator

Rock Beaker: used for breaking large stones or cement blocks, can be used for 1.8t-14t

uger drilling machine: with different drill bits, it is used for drilling holes in foundation piles